Тест на знание английского. Уровень А1 - Школа изучения иностранных языков - Capital School

Тест на знание английского языка.
Уровень А1.

Этот тест рассчитан на тех, кто уже знает грамматический материал на уровне А1 и готов проверить свои знания, чтобы перейти на следующую ступень.


1. -All cats ________ grey at night.

2. -«Who ______ my carrot?» – the rabbit asked.

3. -I want ________ You the truth.


-Nobody _________ where the key is now.

5. -My friend and I ____________ chess now.

6. -What is your Father’s _________? – He is a pilot. 

7. -My Grandma likes to grow _______ in the garden.

8. -An __________ has two big ears and one long trunk.

9. -My ________ is aching and I am going to the hospital now.

10. -What vegetables have _______ colour? – Oranges, carrots and pumpkins. 

11. -My elder sister is _________ years old.

12. -Do You speak ________, Sir?

13. -I study Mathematics at the ___________.

14. -My aunt Mary and my ________ John live in Moscow


-Our cat likes to sleep in the _________.


_______ You understand what I am saying?

17. -We all are friends, _________ we?

18. -Why _________ You come to my birthday party yesterday, Jack? 

19. -Where is Mrs. Smith? – I _______ here!


-Children, who ______ ice-cream,  ? – We all want!


Подберите синоним к выделенному слову:

       There is a nice new BUILDING in the centre of the town.


I always drink tea _______ any sugar.


Выберите правильное наречие:

       Thank You so ________, Mr. President!


Ответьте на вопрос:

       What time is it now?  – ____________.


Подберите рифму к пропущенному слову:


  All my troubles seemed so far________.


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